Friday, February 09, 2007

A brain dump

Last night I watched a fascinating documentary following the lives of some of Britain's most gifted children. Not your common or garden ‘top of the class’ kids, (every school has them - ours was also annoyingly cool, excelled at sport and all the high school girls fancied him), these were young minds in a completely different league; Mensa scores that were ‘off the chart’ at 3 years old; an 11 year old published children’s author who between cooking, writing his next novel and his education, was learning seven languages. I was half expecting one of these super brains to claim they could only see in algorithms like Neo from the Matrix.

This morning, over a cup of tea, I began to wonder whether my 15 month old son was a member of this elite cerebral minority. He’s a bright young chap for sure, but just how bright I began to ask myself. At that moment, he started to really study my face, as if he’d plugged directly into my thoughts. He had that look of focused concentration those sci-fi telepathists always seem to have. Excitedly, I told B her son was displaying signs of child genius.

“That’s his new poo face,” she said knowingly, passing me the wipes.


Ken Douglas said...



I saw that on the TV too by the way - pretty amazing. Although I wasn't sure about the family with the four "gifted" children. The aprents were plain strange - I felt sorry for them, being "hot housed" that way.

I went to school with a kid like that - his parents made him read Encyclopedia Britannica from cover to cover (among other things). Last time I saw him he was walking down the side of a busy street reeling tape out of a cassette - in a world of his own! He went quite mad around 17. Never recovered!!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am familiar with the poo face! LOL! I find it most disconcerting that my two daughters look me straight in the eye when doing a poo. It doesn't seem very polite, somehow.

Me eldest daughter is now using the grown-ups toilet, and has taken to wanting me to help her while doing a poo by putting her arms around my neck and leaning against me. This gets over the mild embarrassment of the intense eye-to-eye contact, and while I love being intimate with my daughter, I'll be glad when I don't have to be quite so involved in this particular bit of intimacy!