Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hairless teeth

Yesterday, I accidentally brushed my teeth with some of B's hair removing cream. It was in a tube, closely resembling toothpaste, next to the sink. My teeth, gums and palate are now completely glabrous. And B's shins are sparkling white.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Protect us from such filth!

Over the last few weeks some friends and I have been experimenting in the blogosphere with some fairly funny (we think!) writing about a fictitious village called Pranker's Wycke. On one level, all seems painfully innocent and typical of village life as charted by any local rag. If approached with a degree of broad mindedness and a desire to read between the lines however, the use of spoonerism and innuendo opens up a whole new level of interpretation.

Having had a number of attempts to drum up some interest on the BBC Radio 4 comedy message boards fall foul of "house rules", I'm reminded of an old Viz reader's letter, in which the author was complaining about a tin of alphabet spaghetti. He (or she) had been able to spell some grotesque swear words and was insisting that children be protected from such filth, presumably through a ban on the product.

We've had a huge amount of fun writing Blunghole's Meme and a growing number of people appear to enjoy both reading and contributing to the unfolding stories. As for polluting the minds of our readers, I suspect the rot set in long before Pranker's Wycke had an online noticeboard!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad car week

Yesterday, on our way to the hospital for a scan, we got a flat tyre. It took me the best part of the morning on the phone to ATS to find a local depot with a replacement in stock. I always seem to be forced to haemorrhage time when I can least afford to be a clock donor. Having found a place, waited the standard "20 minutes mate - max" which turned into 2 hours, got the tyre replaced and ventured back onto the roads, I very nearly ran out of fuel. One of those bunny hopping onto the forecourt running on fumes moments. Today, I was at the top of Fleet Street driving onto the Strand when I got hit by a bus (scraped probably a better description).

So, if you are planning to be on the road Thursday evening this week, in and around London, be warned. I will be driving home, and clearly should be avoided at all costs.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Your Daily Monster

I stumbled across Stefan G. Bucher in the blogosphere. He draws a daily monster, video blogs it and invites comments. Fantastic.

Walking the talk

Next April, barring unexpected problems, there will be another mouth to feed in our house. This will mean another period of maternity leave for B, and inevitably we will have to tighten our belts. B mentioned this morning that she worries about our ability to live more frugally and use less resources. I tried to reassure her, pointing out that our lifestyle is fairly modest. I also reminded her that we've been purposefully saving to help us through lean times.

B returned from the supermarket just before lunch. I helped unpack the shopping. Based on our earlier conversation, I was surprised to find a packet of Tesco Finest Ground Beef Steak.

"I just can't stand cheap mince," she said.

Genetichigh - ever yearned for one?

My friend Mark writes and performs as Genetichigh. Four tracks from his album Momentum are up on myspace - have a listen. I particularly like "precious thing" - and before any League fans get over excited, there is no Tubbs and Edward link (none that I've picked up on anyway).