Saturday, December 02, 2006

Walking the talk

Next April, barring unexpected problems, there will be another mouth to feed in our house. This will mean another period of maternity leave for B, and inevitably we will have to tighten our belts. B mentioned this morning that she worries about our ability to live more frugally and use less resources. I tried to reassure her, pointing out that our lifestyle is fairly modest. I also reminded her that we've been purposefully saving to help us through lean times.

B returned from the supermarket just before lunch. I helped unpack the shopping. Based on our earlier conversation, I was surprised to find a packet of Tesco Finest Ground Beef Steak.

"I just can't stand cheap mince," she said.


Anonymous said...

'Finest lean beef mince'.....why worry? could have been 6 fillet steaks. I wouldn't moan too much, you might end up with tripe or pigs trotters!

Jeremy said...

"I just can't stand cheap mince pies," B added this evening.