Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Protect us from such filth!

Over the last few weeks some friends and I have been experimenting in the blogosphere with some fairly funny (we think!) writing about a fictitious village called Pranker's Wycke. On one level, all seems painfully innocent and typical of village life as charted by any local rag. If approached with a degree of broad mindedness and a desire to read between the lines however, the use of spoonerism and innuendo opens up a whole new level of interpretation.

Having had a number of attempts to drum up some interest on the BBC Radio 4 comedy message boards fall foul of "house rules", I'm reminded of an old Viz reader's letter, in which the author was complaining about a tin of alphabet spaghetti. He (or she) had been able to spell some grotesque swear words and was insisting that children be protected from such filth, presumably through a ban on the product.

We've had a huge amount of fun writing Blunghole's Meme and a growing number of people appear to enjoy both reading and contributing to the unfolding stories. As for polluting the minds of our readers, I suspect the rot set in long before Pranker's Wycke had an online noticeboard!

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