Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad car week

Yesterday, on our way to the hospital for a scan, we got a flat tyre. It took me the best part of the morning on the phone to ATS to find a local depot with a replacement in stock. I always seem to be forced to haemorrhage time when I can least afford to be a clock donor. Having found a place, waited the standard "20 minutes mate - max" which turned into 2 hours, got the tyre replaced and ventured back onto the roads, I very nearly ran out of fuel. One of those bunny hopping onto the forecourt running on fumes moments. Today, I was at the top of Fleet Street driving onto the Strand when I got hit by a bus (scraped probably a better description).

So, if you are planning to be on the road Thursday evening this week, in and around London, be warned. I will be driving home, and clearly should be avoided at all costs.

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Anonymous said...

don't forget to pay the congestion charge...! that would be too funny