Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flab bends

...said my very gravid wife when I pointed out that despite my oversize stomach, I could still touch my toes without bending my knees. We'd previously been howling with laughter at her repeated and unsuccessful attempts to tie her shoelaces.

I had promised myself that I would lose weight, get fit and run a sub 4.00 marathon this year. With almost a quarter of 2007 already history, I today decided to take the first step towards achieving these personal goals. I joined WeightWatchers and went for a walk.

Having shed a few (read several) pounds and recovered fully from an achilles injury, I will start a structured training programme and chart my progress on fetcheveryone. The run will be in November or December; if anyone wants to join me please shout!


Anonymous said...

We are fast becoming a weightwatchers team! Perhaps we should have before and after pictures?


Jeremy said...

Day 2 of foodwagoning; willpower coursing through my veins. Came in on 29.5 points against a daily allowance of 30 and found time for a leisurely stroll this evening around Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. I'm enjoying this!

Ken Douglas said...

Interested in joining you??

Well - it's a nice idea, but alas my running days are over. A knee injury of a 18 months ago is still with me despite seeing the best specialists. I've decided to get on my bike instead.

Jeremy said...

NEWSFLASH: Cumulative weight loss hit 1 stone this week. It's working!