Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A sub 4:00 hour marathon in 2007

The idea is simple. A virtual group of runners from fetcheveryone all commit to running a sub 4:00 hour marathon in 2007. It works because I've made a public statement of intent. I will get fit again and shed some winter layers as I train. Twice before I've come within 15 minutes of the 4:00 hour threshold. In 2007 I will cross it.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed.
I'd love to join you - but my knee hasn't recovered (and I've been told it won't ever) from my accident training for my sailing yage last year.

I for one will be checking up on you next year!!!!

Good luck


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get Gordon Ramsay in on the act....running is his thing too! He mentions this in his biography "Humble Pie". He once tipped the scales at 17 stone but with training and a few marathons under his girth he's thinner now. If the "F" word were removed from his book it would be a very slim volume indeed!

Too old to join you myself! T.