Friday, November 17, 2006

Can a house be cleaned in 2 hours per week?

B said to me a few days back that one of her friends was having to let her cleaner go. "Oh that's a shame", I murmured, only half listening.

"Which means we can have her!", continued B. Now this got my attention. Having resisted the services of a cleaner all my adult life, on the basis that cleaners constitute an unnecessary extravagance, I now found myself in another of those situations where a longstanding principle was being challenged.

"All the hoovering, cleaning, ironing, dusting and anything else we need her to do", said B excitedly, "for only £10 per hour, and what's more, she will only need to come for 2 hours every other week!"

One of us is in for a real shock here. Either B's been oversold the ability of this domestic hot shot, or I lived my entire bachelor years in relative squalor because of some ill-held belief about the net worth of home help. You didn't think I did it myself did you.........?


Anonymous said...

In the days when I had a cleaner once a week (2 hours) the house was immaculate and clean, due in part to the cleaner, but largely because I would spend the previous day tidying and cleaning to save myself too much embarrassment.
B. I suggest you insist on a minmum of 3 hours weekly. I await the results! T

Anonymous said...

2 hours is enough I feel, any more time will not get the place any cleaner, it will just give the cleaner more time to watch your TV.

I remember being off sick one day and staying in bed, when I was a 'lodger'. I heard the cleaners come in, make coffee, watch TV r and then leave after half an hour. They were paid for two hours each time.