Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Life and Times of Granny Foper

UPDATE: You can now track not only Granny's exploits, but all the goings on in the bustling village of Pranker's Wycke by visiting Blunghole's Meme.

Haven't yet finished thinking about this post. My friends and I have spent many hours crying with laughter at spoonered names like that of the elderly social menace in the post title. If you can think of some more friends of the Reverend Spooner that you'd like to see featured in Granny's exploits, ask them to leave a comment. More to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I've a lengthy tale (or not..) that you could include in Granny's exploits

Anonymous said...

In anticipation of Blunghole's Meme (which I'm told is coming this w/e?) - check out my Ted Rogers thread for some ideas!

Anonymous said...

I think I will have to join in on the fun.

(Added to my RSS feed already)