Friday, November 03, 2006

Only a wife could say that

"You're beginning to look like a big fat minger wearing a wig", said my wife B. Can't remember what exactly had brought about this ripper of a put down, but it had us both rolling around laughing for a while.

The thing is, there was some truth in it. Since our son was born in late 2005, I'd successfully avoided any form of exercise, whilst tripling my intake of calories. This, coupled with weekend after weekend having slipped by without me getting to the barbers, had resulted in a look that made close friends and family really think I'd let myself go.

So - I got a haircut. "You now look like a big fat minger", came the commentary. Then, when I'd put myself back into a running regime for Windsor Half Marathon and lost a fair amount of weight in the process.... "You just look like a minger now", she said in admiration.

This was a while back - it comes to mind because I'm currently laid up with an achilles strain which I am hoping won't put me out of action for too long. Time will tell. I use fetcheveryone to manage all things running.

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Anonymous said...

That explains why you've been so much more modest since you've been married! Someone to keep you firmly in your place. ;)